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Welcome to shikouan

We make Soba noodles with enthusiasm every day
for the sake of our guests’ happiness and
health with the spirit of “All my soul into each work”.
We welcome you to our restaurant
for a family meal, a dinner party, or a place where you can
relax with your loved ones.

蕎麦・酒肴 志向庵  店主 森田 敬一朗
  • 志向庵の想い

    Our Wish

    At a relaxing atmosphere, feeling comfortable and enjoying the best soba noodles, sake, and conversation. We aim to make our guests feel enriched and make them enjoy a blissful time at our restaurant.

  • こだわり

    Our Commitment

    Our soba noodles are handmade and simple yet flavorful and smooth. Ionized water is used not only for noodles but also for broth and cooking.

  • 店名の由来

    Our restaurant name

    We named our restaurant with the meaning of "a place where everyone's heart goes toward and comes to”. We aim to provide freshly made soba noodles and a relaxing space where guests can enjoy soba noodles and sake while relaxing and feeling enriched.